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    Modernist Cooking - Centrifuges

    So we here at Man Meets Stove have been admiring the modernist chefs use of centrifuges to make interesting things, like Pea Butter (blended frozen peas spun in a centrifuge for 3 hours to make a puck of pea starch, pea oil, and a little "pea butter".  Apparently it is absolutely the sex of peas.  

    We have started looking for an inexpensive lab centrifuge to try this miracle substance, and ran across this advice: 

    Rule #1 - Never buy a centrifuge when the eBay address is Yucca Mountain, Nevada or Hanford, Washington nuclear facilities.

    Rule #2 - See rule #1 

    - JBailey

    Thanks, JBailey.  Duly noted.

    Check out
    Check out

    Image: Marco Torresin /


    Centrifuge in the kitchen? Two words: Pea butter

    Just when you though cooking was a finished art...out comes a cookbook that changes everything...for $625 (ouch!).  

    Nathan Myhrvold has spent his Microsoft money working on a cookbook for "Modernist Cuisine", cooking using chemicals, strange machines like centrifuges to spin ingredients into their separate parts, and so on.  

    We have GOT to get our mitts on some pea butter...

    Image: a bagel shot and pea butter, photographed by Paul Adams for Popular Science.