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    Welcome to our site!  This page will be about us.  We can be quite interesting in our own minds.  We hope you will think so too.

    Jim is a Generation X-er, but his soul, presuming he has one, was born by parts of the British Hegemony, the Industrial Revolution, and the Age of Enlightenment. He learned at an early age that specialization and conformity were for ants, and has lived his life accordingly. Jim likes his metal heavy, his food good, and his clay centered. He has loved women in his life, but none more so than his lovely wife, the Teutonic Goddess. He has built cars, broke them, and built them up again, sometimes with only a can of ether and a roll of binding wire. He can butcher a tenderloin, guide you across Montana on foot, and end the day with a great taco: see the video at Jim earned his B.S. in Geology way back in 1991, but, not to worry, he started college at age 5. He has spent the last 20 years cleaning up the land. A lifelong student of Robert A. Heinlein, Gödel, and Otto Heino, Jim mostly uses his powers for good; well, *usually* may be a better term. Jim is a man to have at your back in a tussle, but only if you want to win now, and win all the later fights now as well. He likes his problems solved, and laid to rest. Jim makes a fantastic grilled dinner, so most people just count that as a win.


    Thomas was born of religious royalty, but not in a manger. His career got off to an auspicious start at the age of 11. Mowing lawns was honest labor, and it paid for the extreme book habit. He did well in high school, better still with the fairer sex, despite devoting not inconsiderable time playing apocalyptic role-playing war games with Jim. He won the ladies’ hearts by being a nice guy. Revolutionary. His college years involved the pursuit of an engineering degree and a lovely redhead. He graduated with both. His other lifelong loves are chocolate and cheese. He can change a clutch in 20 minutes, and cook a turkey in 45. See For the turkey, not the clutch. His iPod has the complete works of J.S. Bach, INXS, and perhaps Cherry Pie. He had a bad influence in his life. This trend continues. His light reading includes books on the number zero. As a bionic man, he is living the future he read. An engineer of great water and greater iron, city building departments tremble at the mention of his name. Thinking positive is his actual career. That engineering thing is just a hobby with benefits. Author. Baker. Cook. Poet. Not necessarily in that order.