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    Goodness Gravy - New How-to Video


    Man Meets Stove Cookbook Introduction

    We will be posting our cookbook in it's entirety, periodically, one section at a time. Enjoy! Check back in for additional sections and please tell your friends!



    Do you like to eat?

    No, do you REALLY like to eat?

    Do you like to get lucky?

    Because, my man, it is this last question that should inspire you to read on.  Babes like men who cook.  That’s right, it gives them shudders to have you cook them a great meal.  Ecstatic shudders in places you want.  If you like to eat, all the more reason to read on, because frankly, you can cook stuff that tastes way better than that worthless drive-through burger you’re sticking down your blow hole. 

    Are we being too harsh?  Deal with it, Opie.  You think bad-ass chefs like Mario Batali, Michael Symon, and Anthony Bordain got there by holding hands and singing Kumbayah?  Hell no.  We can tell you how to make a girl gasp with ecstasy with nothing more than a spoon.  With or without food on it.  So, listen up, and let’s get started…

    First, you’re going to need to start off with something simple.  If you’re reading this, you probably have been mostly fed by your momma, girlfriends, or wife your entire life.  Maybe they could cook like Julia Child (may she rest in peace); if so, lucky you.  On the other hand, perhaps the women in your life can’t tell a hand mixer from a vibrator.  The days of “Home Economics” and “Miss Priss Cooking for Ladies” classes are long gone.  Your female sidekick may also cook mostly with a can opener.  This is unacceptable.  Let’s show the world how real men do it. 

    Tip: Read all recipes through BEFORE you start. Seriously. 



    Man Meets Stove Cookbook Forward Section

    We will be posting our cookbook in it's entirety, periodically, one section at a time. Enjoy!  Check back in for additional sections and please tell your friends!




    Listen up, soldier.  What good are you to you or anyone else if you can't decently feed yourself?  Or even indecently? You need to learn three F words: Fire. Food. Fun. Two of them are even four-letters.  The “Fun” is, of course, women; but the Food and Fire have to come first. First the food, because frankly we are just not sure you are manned up enough for the rest yet.


    One Tuesday night back when we were both in college we were talking about women (what else?) and it came up that both of us had used our cooking skills to impress our women.  We used cooking to move above the pack...cut the other studs out of the running. Alpha males with tongs.  No, not tongues - although we are good with those too - tongs.


    We are firm believers that every person should be able to fix a flat tire, build a fire, program a computer, construct a shed, find one of those square states out in the middle, cook a steak, fish, find everything/naughty/interesting on the internet, and learn crap you didn't already know from a book.  So, we pooled our brains and money and bought the Joy of Sex.  Oh wait, that’s another story.  We bought the Joy of Cooking.  Eleven hundred and thirty- two pages of foodie delight, orgasms for the tongue, and all-around-amazing information for the kitchen.  Yeah, we got a tongue theme already going on here.  Think of this as “your training has already begun…”


    We settled in with the bible of cooking and learned how to burn things, to create Level-7 disasters with a microwave, and to scare mortal humans out of the house.  We learned to cook, to taste, to smell, to enjoy the bits and pieces of food for what they are, and how the pieces combine for a gastrointestinal orgy of delight.  Our food blossomed, our sex lives improved, and people started saying silly things like “Wow, you two should open a restaurant,” and “Wow, that is delicious. You two should write a book.”


    Years later and several million calories gone to the gut, Jim got a wild hair up his chimney and wrote down his sure-fire Hollandaise Sauce; Thomas laughed and laughed and then said, “We should write a cookbook.”   Realizing that we were surrounded by sad creatures with no food skills and lacking second dates, we realized that we had to step up and share our hard-won wisdom.


    This book is that Wisdom


    Man Meets Stove Cookbook is AVAILABLE!!!!

    Hi everyone!  

    Just wanted to let you know that our cookbook is HERE! We have signed authors copies, Kindle version, and regular copies available through our ebook store and Amazon at !  

    We are also going to be posting sections of the book, in consecutive order, periodically for your reading pleasure, so please enjoy!



    Dammit Jim, I am an engineer not a stirrer

    Time to stir that Christmas Eve Cake!


    Man Meets Stove Rules to Consider

    Man Meets Stove Rule 101: if your trying to impress a woman, do not discuss anything involving how asparagus makes your wizz smell. We're just sayin'


    The BEST Juicer!

    We prefer this juicer to that old plastic thing your grandma handed down to you.  In fact we prefer this juicer, period.  Why are you still standing there, go buy one!