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    Dilbert wears gloves while cutting Jalapenos. Must read LOL.

    Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) on cutting Jalapeno peppers:

    "A few minutes passed, and I felt a tingle in my left hand - the one that directly handled the peppers. The tingle turned into a warm sensation, and the warmth turned into...well, this will take some explaining.

    Imagine turning a broom upside down, so the pointy bristles are facing up. You take your hand, palm facing down, and bounce it on the pointy bristles. Can you imagine how uncomfortable that feels on your hand? Okay, good.

    Now imagine that a giant troll sees you playing with the broom. He snatches it out of your hand, chews the handle into a point and shoves it so far up your ass that you can taste it. Then he uses you like a huge flyswatter to kill a nest of porcupines that are living in his salt mine. My hand hurt like that."

    Story here


    Dammit Jim, I am an engineer not a stirrer

    Time to stir that Christmas Eve Cake!



    "My dad believed he was a great cook, and he cooked 3 things: fish hash, corned beef hash, and SOS.  His philosophy was "throw it in a pan and make it brown".

    -Nicole Feinauer


    Christmas Eve Cake Stir Reminder

    Okay folks, start your stirring. Pull out that syrup and fruit concoction in the gallon container, and stir it up. Mix with a wooden spoon until the sugar is all back in suspension.

    Okay cooking chores done.

    Back to Halo!


    The BEST Juicer!

    We prefer this juicer to that old plastic thing your grandma handed down to you.  In fact we prefer this juicer, period.  Why are you still standing there, go buy one!

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