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    Hot Pepper Comparison from the Man Meets Stove cookbook.

    While you are out gathering spices, you really must get some; not that, we mean hot peppers.  As Real Men™ we know you’ll be shopping from the bottom of the Scoville Unit table below.  Wilbur Scoville came up with a scientific test to measure hotness[1] by diluting pepper extract with sugar syrup until a panel of five people couldn’t taste the pepper.  The more sugar syrup needed, the hotter the pepper.  15 million is “pure” heat.  Pepper spray is an average 4.5 million Scoville Units.  Pepper heat, while important, can actually make food unpleasant to eat, so if you want to impress her, you may want to focus more on the flavor of the pepper and less on competing with your buddy’s ability to drink shots of “Scorched Ass Hot Sauce.”  If you use anything hotter than a Scotch Bonnet, you deserve to be shot for excessive dick waving.  Flavor is found towards the top of the chart.   We roll with Thai peppers, but then we are trained professionals.  You should stick to Bells.  Remember it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

    [1] Measuring hotness in women, requires eyes and a review of the Periodic Table of Hotness.